Blank Pixel | Independent and innovative video games studio
Blank Pixel is an independent studio of video game creation having a long experience in creation of games and applications
video games studio, indie game studio
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Who are we ?

Blank Pixel is an independent studio of video game creation, composed of two French developers having a long experience in the creation of games and applications.

We develop our games using mainly Unity 3D Engine and HTML5, and create pixel art graphics inspired by the games of the 80’s.

Our current project

We currently work on a PC video game we want to release on Steam in the next months. It is a very rich, pixelated, complex and  funny gang management game, in which the player can do tons and tons of actions to achieve his goal : taking the control of the street.

This urban action & management game is designed to be played for hours without having the player bored by a repetitive gameplay. It contains tons of smartly randomized events, interactions with the police and other gangs, apartments management, fights and parallel missions.


Click here to read more information about this awesome game !

Street Business by Blank Pixel
Street Business

Contact Us

Feel free to contact us for any question or suggestion